Two Strong Women Strip And Hold Down Bully Boy So Nerdy Girls Can Milk Him Dry

Bullying The Geeks from PureCFNM

Nerds Theo and Ella are just walking upstairs when aggressive yob Joe appears. He kicks their magazines onto the ground and makes crude suggestions to them. Sadly for him, up walks strong women Angel and Emma who verbally abuse him before smacking him unconscious! When he regains consciousness he is restrained to a chair without any clothes on and the four ladies are now gathered round him telling him they are going to teach him a lesson. As he wriggles in vain to get free, Angel and Emma demonstrate to their innocent nerdy friends on how to touch a male dick. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as the shy nerds can’t believe they are touching their first dick but chuckle away as they make his penis stiffer and stiffer. Despite his best efforts, Joe can’t fight his arousal any more and explodes all over himself, much to the excitement of the inexperienced geeks. The girls then walk off and walk out leaving him still bound and nude!

He was hoping to have a laugh with two nerdy teens but the larger, stronger girls soon sorted him out. He became merely a sexual toy for the ladies' pleasure - if you like watching men helpless at the mercy of groups of sexy girls then click here for more movies from PurecFNM.

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